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10 Gardening Tips and Tricks the Experts Never Tell You

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Only plan vegetables in your garden that your family likes to eat, don’t plan asparagus if no one eats it.

If you plan pole beans, plan them around the base of a tee-pee bamboo frame and the pole bean plants will grow up the tee-pee frame.

Use sturdy stakes or tomato cages to provide support for your tomato plants. Your tomato plants won’t produce nearly as many tomatoes and they may catch diseases, f you don’t provide support for your tomatoes.

If you have problems with aphids, use a strong insecticidal soap to get rid of them.

Use the water from boiling and steaming vegetables to water vegetables you have growing in containers after the water has cooled. Vegetables plants respond great to this water.

You can easily grow plants like rhubarb and asparagus and they will come back every year. You only need to keep the weeds out and fertilize them.

Mix the seeds with powdered flavored jello, when you plant things like radishes or carrots. Add three tablespoons of powdered flavored gelatin to a pack of radish seeds. Later plant the seeds and powdered gelatin together. If you do this, your radishes won’t be to thick when they come up and the gelatin will provide the radishes with nitrogen.

When the veggies are packed with nutrients, plan to harvest your vegetables in the morning. By chilling them in the refrigerator, you can preserve the flavor and nutrients of leafy green vegetables. Remember not to put onions or tomatoes in the refrigerator because they might loose some of their flavor.

You can plant swiss chard, beets, carrots and radishes up to four weeks before the last frost because they are quite hardy.

Ask what variety of radishes seems to do well in your area down at your local farm and plant varieties of vegetables that grow well in your area.
Things to keep in mind about caring for your garden:

– Only water before sunrise or after sunset.

– Put powdered flavored gelatin under the plants.

– Peppers and tomatoes should be planted in full sun.




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