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3 Ways To Perfectly Clean Your Oven!

Your oven will get fairly grimy after months of roasting and baking. You will start to smell  a strong burning smell when cooking because  built-up grease and charred food accumulate and turn into carbon. Find out how to perfectly clean your oven even if it has a self-cleaning feature.

– You first need to find out what type of oven you have. This is important because there are a few standard types of ovens, and they each require slightly different cleaning methods. The self cleaning ovens use  a feature that allows you to heat the oven to such a high temperature that the built up food and grease gets turned to ash.Continuous cleaning ovens or also known as textured ovens have a porcelain layer that is designed to burn spilled food away. If you own a regular oven, you must clean it regularly by hand. 



1. If you have a textured oven, remove the oven racks and place them in a sink full of warm water mixed with a few drops of dishwashing liquid to soak. Use a damp sponge to wipe the inside walls of the oven and make sure it’s cold when you clean it. You can also use vinegar and water to wipe down the walls.

2. If you own a self cleaning oven, use the feature it has to burn the built up food. Before you do that, make sure to keep children and pets away from the kitchen while the oven is cleaning, since it heats to a very high temperature and tends to give off a burning smell. After the burning is done, open the oven door and sweep out the ashes with a small brush and dustpan. You can also clean the oven door with soapy water and a scrub.

3. When cleaning a non-self cleaning oven, load a 1-liter spray bottle with 4 tablespoons (56.7 g) of baking soda and fill the rest with water. Before you spray down the oven, shake the spray bottle to moisten and dissolve the baking soda. The oven must be cold before you spray it and try to focus on charred and stained areas, until the carbon is completely saturated.

If you want to remove the loosened carbon, use a scraper that you would you would use to chip ice and snow off your windshield. After you’re done, wipe down the oven one more with a solution of half water and half vinegar.



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