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4 Ways to Save Big on Home Repair

1.If your vacuum no longer works properly, it means that the clear canister is no longer clear, and there’s enough hair on the brush to create a small creature. Many vacuum cleaners have a fill line on the canister so you “should” know when to empty it. If you want your vacuum to last and works properly, clean it every other month or so based off usage.


2.If your milk is not cold as you wanted to be, you have problem with the refrigerator coils. Many refrigerators have coils on the bottom or back of the refrigerator. In order to clean it, vacuum up the dirt and dust from underneath your refrigerator. You should first turn off the fridge, remove the front grill, vacuum and clean the coils and repeat if necessary.



3.If your clothes take forever to dry even though the dryer gets hot, you should clean out the dryer vent. It is recommended to vacuum out those dust bunnies from your dryer vent every year. You can also swap the plastic or foil duct to a metal semi-rigid or rigid one. First unplug the dryer and remove the lint screen. Unscrew the lint cage and start with vacuuming. Pull the dryer out and detach the hose and vacuum them. Reattach everything when finished.



4.If you have problems with the headlight haze, driving at night will not look as the funnest thing because haze on the headlights is pretty bad. You will only need two ingredients and five minutes to clean the haze. Use only baking soda and water and forget about all the crazy expensive kits or those kits from the infomercials. Just make a pasta of water and baking soda, apply to headlights, buff with damp cloth and rinse remaining baking soda off with water.




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