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5 Low-Cost Garden Tools

1. Nothing comes close to the humble plastic milk jug, when in comes to sheering versatility in the garden. To create these garden helpers, save both half-gallon and gallon sizes.

2. The best way to cut the garden costs is by starting your own seeds. It’s the only way to get many of the newest varieties as well. Start seeds in shallow trays filled with potting soil, then transplant the strongest seedlings to pots later on. Simply cut off the bottom three inches of a gallon milk jug and punch a few holes in the bottom with a nail. Fill with potting mix, and use a pencil to create two or three shallow furrows. Later plant your seeds according to the packet directions.

3. You can protect young transplants and seedlings from spring and fall frosts, in the northern zones. You can protect them with their own personal greenhouse. Cut the bottom off a gallon milk jug and, when a cold snap is in the forecast, place the jug over the plant. By putting the cap on or taking it off you will be able to regulate the temperature. Don’t forget to remove the cover on warm, sunny days to prevent turning your greenhouse into a sauna.

4. Use yogurt containers to protect young seedlings from night-crawling cutworms by surrounding them with a collar made by cutting the bottom off the container. Leaving 2 to 3 inches above ground, sink the container an inch or so into the ground. You can remove the collar when the plant’s stem hardens.

5. You can simply use worn-out towels, cut into strips to make safe and secure ties for supporting plants. The gentle caress of the terry cloth is perfect for heavy vegetables, even if they may not look good enough for your prized perennial bed.






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