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7 Awesome DIY Home Decor Hacks!

By placing your potted plants IN pots, you can easily switch seasonal plants.

Home Decor 1

Use colored tape to prettify your hangers, if you have an exposed closet or clothing rack

Home Decor 2

You can add nautical touch to any window, by simple using a rope.

Home Decor 3

If you want to create a cool reflective light effect, coat the inside of a lampshade with glitter.

Home Decor 4

If you have a lamp, poke holes in it for the starry effect.

Home Decor 5

Use stair treads and corbels for a cheap and classy alternative to bookshelves.

Home Decor 6

Hide your unsightly router by using a hollowed out book.

Home Decor 7



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