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Add Some Spark to Your Home With Innovative Switches and Sockets Designs

It seems as if the number of electronics present in the homes of people has witnessed a considerable increase. Which has directly resulted in more sockets, switches and electronic outlets for plugging them in.  There are a few companies which have realized the untapped potential this market holds and have decided to cash in on it by producing innovative and trendy switches, but most manufacturers do not deem it necessary enough to pay attention to the designs of these electrical components.


The Donut Power Strip


The Donut Power Strip provides a convenient solution to the problem posed by several of the power strips nowadays, specifically the inability to hold the large power bricks that are present in a number of electric appliances. It is designed by Ramei Kuem and the unique shape is also helpful for keeping cabling systematized.


Rozektus Three Dee Power Socket


This switch has the ability to lie flat against the surface of the wall unless more than a single plug is required.


ON Switch


This awesome ON switch is able to remind people that the light switch at home has not yet been turned off with the help of the word “ON” written in big bold letters.


Floor Plan Light Switch


It can be challenging to remember which is which in a panel full of light switches. But the switches in the Floor Plan Light Switch are customized as per the floor plan of the room and function likewise.




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