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Awesome Home Repairs for $15

Repair a Sink Sprayer. Did you know that mineral deposits in the aerator can rob a sink sprayer of its power. You can simply unscrew the aerator from the sprayer and scrub it out with a toothbrush, then soak it in vinegar overnight. Turn off the water to the fixture and remove the faucet handle and spout, if the problem is not solved. You’ll find a small, round diverter valve, inside the faucet body. Scrub that valve with a toothbrush and reassemble the faucet.

Patch a Hole in Drywall: $8 or less. In order to fix small holes and minor drywall damage in less than an hour, scrape the area smooth, using a putty knife and use the putty knife to fill small holes with ultra-light spackle. Sand when dry and cover larger holes with nylon drywall tape. Later use a broadknife to smooth a coat of joint compound over the area and when the compound is dry, add a second coat, feathering out the edges. The final step is to allow to dry, sand, prime, and paint the repair.

Stop a Running Toilet: $0. 
Adjusting the lift chain or float arm usually solves the problem, when a toilet runs after the flush is complete. The lift chain should hang straight down from the handle with about half an inch of slack. Move the chain to provide more or less slack, or if the toilet has lift wires, straighten them. Try bending the float arm until the bloat ball does not touch the tank wall, if that doesn’t do the trick.










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