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Best Gadgets to Have on a Camping Trip

Walk in nature can improve our mental state, reduce stress and revive us, so a little trip outside will do you good. It is good to get out and disconnect completely, but most of us take at least one or two gadgets with us. Below are the best gadgets and accessories to take on your camping trip this summer, so you can worry less about battery life and enjoy the great outdoors more.

Snow Lizard SLXTREME Smartphone Case


This case is built from thick, dirt-resistant poly-carbonate with rubber grips and it’s waterproof up to 6 feet. It also features a built-in battery that can be recharged by the solar panel on the back of the phone. The price of this case is $129.99.


Point Source Power VOTO Charger


You can turn your BBQ into a power source using the VOTO Charger. You can do this by featuring a fire-activated fuel cell that you place under the charcoal of your cookstove whenever you cook food. It has the ability to converts carbon and hydrogen into electricity and generates enough power to charge a combination power pack for charging your devices and an LED light unit which provides 30 hours of light when fully charged.


Wenger Solar Charger


One of the simplest and lightest charging options for when you’re in the great outdoors is the solar power. Thischarger from Wenger, can be rolled up for carrying or laid flat for attaching to tents or backpacks. It comes in three sizes ranging from $180 to $340.


Higear Wind Up Headlight


No need to worry about having extra batteries on hand since it comes equipped with a hand crank that provides 20 minutes of light with just one minute of cranking. The light can be detached from the headband to be used as a torch light and goes for about $15 USD.





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