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Creative Camp-Food Recipes

The following recipes prove you can still eat well while out in the wilderness.

Campfire ‘stir-fry’


Before heading out on your camping trip, chop up some chicken sausage, potatoes, peppers and zucchini and seal them in a foil pouch and cook over the fire for an easy, healthy dinner.

Celery & peanut butter


Just fill about one-third of an empty peanut butter container with peanut butter and add some celery sticks.

Egg-stuffed baked potatoes


Pack some baked potatoes, shredded cheese, bacon bits and eggs for your big trip and when you’re ready for a hearty breakfast out in the wilderness, slice off a side of each potato lengthwise, and scoop out most of the insides except for a thin layer of potato. Fill each with cheese, bacon bits and an egg, and than cook over the campfire for a satisfying, hot breakfast.

Banana boats


For this banana boat recipe from Bay Area Bites, you’ll need to slit the banana lengthwise, stuff them with your choice of toppings — e.g., dark chocolate and butterscotch chips — and cook over the campfire.




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