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Functional kitchen design

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The non-standard shape of objects makes us to think differently and to see things in an unusual way, especially when it comes to creating a functional kitchen design. That increase our level of creativity which make us very happy. Even if we do not realize it, we certainly feel better when we are creative. 

Functional kitchen design

I will try to explain to you everything written here by showing a kitchen whose unusual form inspired the designer Alexander Chёbotova from the KUCHYNĚ & BYDLENÍ studio to approach in a different and interesting way to its interior.

Functional kitchen design 2

The kitchen is divided into two main functional areas. A comfortable and spacious cooking area which has many places for storage, and the dining area which is also a great place for meetings with guests. We can find here another small corner created for relaxation and it is strategically located next to the TV and close to the balcony.

Functional kitchen design 3

The unusual shape of this kitchen is the key for defining different zones in the place and also for the amazing decoration. One of the main wish from owners was the interior of their new kitchen to be in bright colours using natural materials. The core of this stylish solution is the eco-style with elements of patchwork. This combination creates a relaxing and at the same time dynamic atmosphere. Enjoy this beautiful and functional kitchen design despite its unusual shape …

Functional kitchen design 4 Functional kitchen design 5 Functional kitchen design 6

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