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How to Clean and Organize Your Fridge!

Most often, the fridge is used by the whole family and it is impossible to keep things in order, especially with kids around the house. Follow the steps below and learn how to organize and clean your fridge.

The first thing you need to do is throw away anything that has expired or is not in good condition.

1After you’re done with the expired stuff, start with cleaning the inside of the fridge. It is recommended to deep clean the fridge and remove the shelves, and drawers. This is the hardest part but it will pay off at the end. You can use hot water and soap to do the deep cleaning. Use lemon for those areas that are perhaps more dirt, because the lemon works wonders and it smells super good.



Use wax paper to protect the bottom of your drawers and your fridge shelves. Wax paper works best because it won’t stick to the glass and it looks fresh and bright. Another great reason to use wax paper is because it is a lot easier to change the paper in case of a spill that clean the entire drawer or shelf.


Use sandwiches bags for butter, cheese, and vegetables. This is also great because it is quick, folds easy, keeps your food fresh longer and your fridge odor free.


Use small bottles for ketchup, mayo, and mustard because they work perfect for children and they are pretty much mess free.


Use big plastic containers to keep your veggies and fruits organized and to store your bottles and smaller ones for snacks, butter sticks and similar. The containers are normally used for papers or office supplies but there are things that we don’t use everyday but that were always in the way. The containers are perfect way to store those things.






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