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How to Clean Your Slow Cooker Tutorial


We all use our slow cooker all year, but it seems to get more use in the Fall and Winter when soups and other hearty meals like roasts are on the menu. The problem is that it can get very dirty when it’s not cleaned properly. Another problem is that you can’t just just fill up the sink and soak your slow cooker. You need a unique way to clean your slow cooker without causing any problems.  We will teach you how to clean your slow cooker’s heating element.

You will need one can of oven cleaner. Start with spraying an even coat of foam around the inside of the cooker. We recommend to do this process outside of your home so you don’t end up inhaling some of the cleaner. Let it sit for a couple hours, after you have a nice, even coat of foam. Later use a scrubby sponge to wipe out the foam and everything but the most caked-on spot will be wiped right off. You will have to scrub a bit more for the big yucky spot but you will clean it for sure.




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