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How to Get Rid of Bugs and Ants

The ants and bugs we have can make us crazy. Here we have the tried and true tips for getting rid of those pesky ants and other crawling insects!


Spray nests with indoor insecticide and look for water-damaged areas in the house and places where water has recently leaked to find the ant nest. Later spray the nest with an indoor insecticide.


Spray an indoor insect killer in places where ants can enter, holes in exterior walls and cracks in the foundation


Spray outdoor poison below lap siding, spray outdoor insecticide on the foundation walls, and on and under the first course of lap siding to keep ants from entering the house.


Spray a lawn and garden insect killer on the grass within one day of mowing and also spray on trees and shrubs. Spray on a calm day to prevent drift.


Trim back trees, shrubs and plants so they’re at least 6 in. from the house, roof and deck because this eliminates bridges for ants to reach your home.





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