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How To Speed Clean Your Bathroom in 15 Minutes!


We recommend to follow the this routine, on Mondays you clean bathrooms right along with your home and the following tips. You shouldn’t use sweeping, vacuuming, or washing the floors. That’s the part of the time saving because if you vacuum all the floors on Wednesdays and wash all the floors on Thursday there is no need to wash them on Mondays.

You should also do a quick counter check daily to make sure the counters are not too bad and this also keeps them cleaner in between as well. This is not fake or pretend cleaning,  this is a simple way to thoroughly clean your bathrooms quickly. Follow the tips and you’ll have more time for other things that really matter.


The first thing you need to do is to gather the supplies needed for this tutorial:

  • microfiber cloths (alternatively you can use paper towels, I prefer microfiber) – 1 for mirrors, one for each toilet, one for each sink, and a couple extras for tubs and showers
  • mirror and glass cleaner
  • toilet cleaner
  • bathroom cleaner
  • empty container for paper towels or dirty clothes
  • empty container to carry supplies

Start with cleaning your mirrors. Just simply spray and wipe. You can use a glass and mirror microfiber for lint and streak-free mirrors. 


Continue with cleaning the sink, toilet, and tub or shower. This is very simple, just quickly spray with your disinfecting cleaner.


Brush and do a quick clean of your toilet, using your preferred toilet cleaner. Wipe the toilet, sink and and wipe the tub or shower. Don’t forget to use a separate cloth or paper towel for the each toilet and sink to avoid cross-contamination.






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