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The Perfect Carpet Cleaning Method + Recipe!

If you have carpet then at some point you are going to have carpet stains. No matter if you have pets, kids or just know some really messy people, you going to end up having carpet stains in some point. Few people know that, there is a great homemade recipe for getting organic stains out of your carpet. For those who wonder, organic stains are those made by food, dirt and the like. Don’t use this recipe to clean ink or dye stains because it contains vinegar which could potentially make the stains worse.



  • 1 part vinegar
  • 2 parts water

There is not much science behind the recipe,  just mix the water and vinegar together in a spray bottle and spray it over the stain and cover it with a damp rag. Depending on how bad the stain is,  put your iron on the steam setting and iron the rag for about 30 seconds or more. This will work wonderfully to remove common foods and dirt from your carpet and you you may have to repeat if the stain is really dark. The vinegar is a good odor eliminator and  it works really well on pet stains as well.



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