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Tips for Cleaning With Salt

Use lemon and salt in order to clean stains and marks off of your cutting boards and butcher blocks.


By adding 4 tablespoons of salt to one quart of hot water, you can easily remove perspiration stains from your clothes. Soak fabric until stains fade.



You can also clean your glass coffee pot with salt and hot water, by simply adding few tablespoons of salt to your coffee pot, then run one cycle with water only and allow to soak for an hour and rinse and dry.



Use a 1/2 lemon in salt buy viagra online to scour rust stains off of a porcelain sink and use a 1/2 lemon dipped in salt to scrub away lime buildup around your faucets.



Another good tip for using salt for cleaning is to use it for buildup cleaning and gunk off of your iron by sprinkling salt on a piece of parchment paper and running a hot iron over it. This will release any buildup.



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