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Tips to Afford Organic Foods on a Budget

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Plant a Garden

If you know how to do it, you should definitely plant a garden on your own. The plants will be tremendously fresh and you know exactly what you did or didn’t spray on it. The costs are little as well, is typically only pennies per item from your own backyard.


Use Non Food Items or Coupons

You can really save using coupons when shopping. Even if you only save as little as $5 each week, it could add up a lot over time.


Try to Buy in Bulk

Usually, it is much more cost-effective to purchase meat and staple ingredients in bulk but you can call around to local farmers and see what they would charge you for purchasing half a cow. In many situations, bulk buying is t least $1 cheaper per pound to purchase. You can save at least 20% if you buy grains, beans, as well as many other basic ingredients with long storage lives.


Use Inexpensive Ingredients and Stick with Simple Meals

Think about how much your recipes will cost you when you plan your meal. You don’t have to be a scientific to-the-penny figure but there is a $10 difference between the prices of making one meal as opposed to another meal. Always do the math and see if you can afford to make something more expensive or save it for a special occasion.


Plan Your Meal Menu upon What is on Sale and What is in Season

You must have a plan if you want to feed your family on a budget. You’re going to significantly reduce your grocery bill, if you plan your menu mostly based upon what is on sale at the natural foods store, what is in season at the Farmer’s Market and similar.



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